Causes of Noise

There are many different causes of noise disruption and abuse. The most common that are reported to us are  

Different noises can require different approaches due to variations in the legal position. Local authority environmental health officers will, for example, usually only become involved in premises based noise.

In some cases the noise problem may be part of a much wider anti-social behaviour issue. A dog that is barking excessively may also be violent and not effectively contained within its premises. There may also be a dog fouling problem.

Some neighbour noises, such as shouting, crying babies and loud televisions will primarily be a problem in adjoining premises. These can the most difficult noise disputes to deal with as the person causing the noise will generally argue that it is the normal noise associated with family life. There are approaches that can be helpful and we will discuss these with members.

In general the vast majority of noise results from selfish and inconsiderate behaviour. Frequently you will not be the only person who is disturbed and annoyed by the noise, although you may not be aware that others are suffering just as much.