Noise disruption from fireworks is an increasing cause of complaints.

The disruption from fireworks is exacerbated by the distress which they cause to many dogs some of whom respond by barking loudly. Consequently residents are left suffering from both firework noise and dog barking.

Firework disruption falls into two categories, unregulated and regulated.

Unregulated is the use of fireworks by private individuals. This is obviuosly focused around bonfire night but many people use firworks to celebrate other occasions such as New Year. Unless the disruption is repeated, for example, every Saturday night , then there is probably very little that can be done to counter this nuisance.

Regulated firework disruption represents the use of fireworks at official venues such as Hotels. The firworks are frequently used in for wedding receptions and other parties. The use of the fireworks will potentially be controlled under licensing arrangements for the venue. You should check that their usage complies with license requirements ( often no use of fireworks after 11pm). you should also explore the opportunity to influence those licence conditions when they are subject to renewal.

Living close to a hotel that uses fireworks until 11pm on most Fridays and Saturdays reprents an unacceptable level of disruption and one that no one should have to tolerate. NCPA can help you limit and even remove this source of noise abuse.