Loud Music from Neighbours

Loud music is the most frequent source of noise complaints and several surveys have shown it to be the most common cause of neighbour disputes.

Imposing loud and excessive music on neighbours is totally unreasonable and NCPA have developed several approaches for helping the victims of this form of noise abuse.

As with other noise disputes the following general advice is important


The primary legislation is the Environmental Protection Act (1990) . The Act provides local councils with the responsibility for controlling noise disturbance through Noise Abatement Notices. Crucially the Act also facilitates action directly by victims of noise abuse through an application to the Magistrates Court. If you need advice on this option NCPA can help you.

Prior to any direct legal actionformal written notification to your neighbours can often result in a meaningful reduction in the disturbance. NCPA can either advise you, as a member, how to word this letter. Alternatively for a fee of £69 we will send your neighbour a noise intervention letter which if you require will protect your anonymity at this stage