Vehicle Noise Nuisance

Vehicle noise is a frequent cause of complaint which generally takes one of two forms.

Infrastructure based noise

i.e. living close to a road, railway or airport. You need to consider how much of a problem this will be beofore buying or renting a property. Once you live in a location it is very unlikely that the noise will reduce and your grounds for complaint or legal action are very limited. If you suffer from infrastructure noise and own your property then your best option will usually be to invest in some form of soundproofing. Road noise is typically at a constant level and consequently many people find that over time they can learn to ignore high levels of noise that others  would find intolerable.


Transient vehicle noise.

This will often be loud music or engine noise from an individual car. If the noise comes from different vehicles then your options are limited. If you can identify repeat offenders, and particularly if the vehicles are stationery whilst causing the noise disturbance,then you do have some options for taking action against the registered keepers of individual vehicles. This can become complicated, you will need clear recordings and a log of the disturbance and you should remember that the reigistered keeper of the car may not be the person causing the problem. Please contact NCPA at for advice