Why use NCPA

Noise disturbance and abuse can damage health, relationships and ultimately destroy your quality of life. Financially noise can significantly reduce the value of your home and affect your work potentially threatening your livelihood.

At NCPA we understand this background to your noise dispute and our whole focus and reason for existence is to help the victims of noise abuse. No other organisation can make this claim.

If you are suffering from noise abuse you have a range of options which are generally the following

  1. Report the noise to the relevant statutory body. This will usually be your local council's Environmental Health department.
  2. Ignore, adapt and learn to live with the noise. Hoping that it will potentially go away in the future. We don't think you should do this but if you are confident that the noise will be short term it could be your best option.
  3. Approach the noise abuser yourself to try and get a reduction in the noise. This could be in writing, by phone or face to face.
  4. Take legal action yourself. This could either be a civil action for damages or a private action through the magistrate's court under the Environmental Protection Act 1992

 Each of these options can work. None of them are ideal and we think it is unacceptable that noise abuse is given less priority by public bodies than other forms of abuse.

As a member of the NCPA we will advise you on each of the above options and help you take forward your chosen course of action. You will at all times have our understanding. We are not an impartial public body; we are on your side.

We do also offer you a fifth option - through our noise intervention letters we will contact the perpetrator of the noise. We will not disclose your identity but we will outline the actions that could be taken against them if they continue to cause unacceptable levels of noise. In particular the mention of civil legal proceedings which would expose them to liability for damages and legal costs will frequently be enough to convince them to stop the noise.